Biore Pore Pack Black​ Charcoal​

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Product Description

Japanese bamboo charcoal pad to remove excess oil blend. It reduces up to 3 times with a black sheet provides a pimple. Came up with a clear plan. Optimize cut Stick attached tightly to the skin, the nose, the whole plate. To tighten pores Nose pimple skin smooth.


1. wash your face, and then put the water on to wet nose. If wet, not enough performance will decrease. 2. use dry hands twisted plates for perfect light cuts on a separate sheet, so peel off clear film from the dry season. 3. perfect sheet slip down the side on his nose by the close shave 4. leave to dry 10-15 minutes until you feel a perfect sheet of hard Peel, starting at the edge of both sides. Peel slowly. The leave time may vary according to weather conditions.

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