Maybelline เคลียร์ สมูท เพรส พาวเดอร์ เอสพีเอฟ20 พีเอ +++ เบอร์ 01 ไลท์

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Product Description

UVA and UVB rays with SPF20 PA +++ gentle on the skin. With a fragrance-free formula and oil. Do not mix foundation so light skin. But conceal naturally Pretty clear like no make up Do not clog the pores. Assuring all day Fat on the face


Use a puff to touch about half a puff of compressed powder. Then gently pour over the finished part and then touch the new puff. Because otherwise the face will look heavy, it will be stained during the day Start with the cheeks on both sides, press the liner from the side of the nose to the side of the ear. Forehead from under eyebrows, gently press down to the hair area. Then apply to the lips to the tip of the chin and nose gently pressing the eyelids.

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