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Product Description

1. Rejuvenate skin, dull pores, lack of tightness, elasticity with lotion, healing skin, reduce blemishes.
Dark circles and dark spots
2. Lotion heals skin and pores to tighten. To prepare the skin for the next step.
3. Body lotion that is enriched with natural skin care ingredients.
AA2G (ascorbic acid 2 glucoside), an innovative new form of vitamin C stabilized. And effective in brightening the skin naturally.
Promotes collagen production. For a healthy looking skin.
VITAMIN B3 helps reduce dullness. Make your skin look smooth and smooth pink.
MULTIple powerful peptides from 3 peptides are rich in amino acids. Efficiency to reduce wrinkles. Make your skin look youthful and healthy.
4. Lotion heals the skin for normal to dry skin.


After cleansing Shake the ingredients together. Apply a small amount of lotion onto the cotton wool over the face in the opening direction. "Shake bottle before use every time"


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