Covermark Sheer Powder

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Product Description

1. highly flexible Soft and translucent Powder with fine particles. It is called Clear Velvet Powder.
    Smooth, even rough skin, as if it did not flour.
2. Contains special powdered powder The reflection effect varies depending on the perspective. The so-called Color Flop Particles, the face will look.
    Brighten the T zone while the sides will create a shine. Create natural-looking results.
3. Powder that absorbs oil and sweat from the skin. Prevent dullness over time and give long-lasting results.
4. High resolution powdered translucent powder. The results are transparent. Not white skin
5. Coat each powder with moisturizer. To prevent dryness and to keep the skin hydrated.


Spread the foundation over the face.
Pour the dough on the puff and gently tap on the surface.


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