Covermark Separate Styling Mascara JQ

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Product Description

1. Is a non-sticky mascara. Not clotting Blush and shine naturally.
2. Thin brush It makes it easy to brush the lash line. Helps lashes beautiful even the lower eyelashes.
3. Mascara is a type of film coated on the eyelashes. Make it last longer all day. Does not cause smudge easily Even sweat and tears
4. Can be easily washed off with warm water. Without damaging lashes
5. Contains Panthenol, Asian ginseng extract and Rosemary extract, which preserves the lashes.


1. Brush the lashes bent with the use of brushes, mascara and mascara in the appropriate amount on the brush.
2. Use the mascara brush on the lashes by brush from the base to the end of the lashes 2-3 times.
3. For the lower lash Holds the brush vertically from the eyes. And brush left and right, respectively.
4. Brush the lashes. Until the lashes look long and thick as desired.

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