Covermark Connecting Base (Venusdeco)

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Product Description

1. Apply before foundation. To help the foundation particles stick to the skin longer.
2. Light texture, not gooey.
3. The color is clear, white, floating, make the skin look naturally radiant.
4. Color the skin around the neck and dull, easy to see from the sun, bright and smooth.
5. Make the skin color on the neck and the chest smooth, reduce the difference in skin color on the face and neck after the make-up look natural.
6. Use Clear Veil Formula technology to remove clothing.


* Used for makeup.
1. After washing face. Skin conditioning with lotion or serum.
2. Shake the bottle before use. I heard the impact of the iron ball in the bottle.
3. Use the right amount. (About 1.5 cm in diameter) on the cheek, forehead, nose and chin, then spread over the face.
4. When applied over the face and then primed.
* When the neck and chest.
1. use the right amount. (About 2 cm in diameter) drops on the palms. And apply the other hand on the skin. Skin treatment with lotion or
Serum prior to this product for better absorption and makeup all day long.

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