Oguma Ion Complex Elite Original

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Product Description

skincare product To focus on the issue of moisture.
It contains a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid and it is extracted from seaweed.
To help with the control of it. Soften
It also contains Mineral Crystal Ion I.C.E ion extraction from deep sea minerals.
To help moisturize the skin. Create new skin cells and also help skin.
It can absorb nutrients into the skin more deeply.
The nature of this. It comes in the form of clear gel is not very thick.
I do not smell very much. But when we get to it.
From the gel form, it will gradually dissolve into water. And absorbed immediately.
Add moisture to leave it to the skin it.


The spray should be about 1 ft. Away from the face.
Then inject the face to massage, wait for the skin to absorb moisture.
Approximately 3 minutes to inject again.

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