OGUMA Multipurpose Balm

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Product Description

Multifarious balm Multi-purpose balm Fast absorption of only 5 seconds
- Peel dry lips. Moisturizes and softens lips. Pink nature
- Mosquito bites bite to stop the aphrodisiac.
- allergic skin rash
- Slightly dry lips, flaky, moisturizing.
- Drying spots. All over the body elbows, knee heels.
- Nose Nail Polish To maintain moisture on the nose, nails do not peel.
- Fermented hair before the 30 minutes to reduce hair ends.
- To rub rash.
- Can even eyelids.
- Use as a makeup base or a primer.


Lightly massage and massage as desired. Can be used on all skin types, especially sensitive skin, sensitive from birth. Natural ingredients

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